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How to win celebrity fashion show

How to win celebrity fashion show


How to win celebrity fashion show

how to win celebrity fashion show

Why Jessica Simpson, Mary J. Blige, and Victoria Beckham are Ruling the Celebrity Fashion Game

So when did Paris Fashion Week, once something of a decorous affair, become a paparazzi madhouse with Kim and Kanye at its center? And how did songstress-turned-reality TV star Jessica Simpson make multiple millions selling her Daisy Dukes at Macy’s?

 Teri Agins, the brash, funny veteran Wall Street Journal reporter, wonders the same thing. Her new book, Hijacking the Runway: How Celebrities are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers investigates.

Yahoo Style: I was thinking about the mini controversy that surrounded the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover earlier this year. What was your reaction to that?

Teri Agins: The first thing I said was ‘Clever! Look at that clever Anna [Wintour], she’s tapped into the zeitgeist again.’ Anna is very savvy there, she knew that it was going to be exciting and controversial. For almost a week, Vogue was everywhere [in the news]. And I think she did it in a clever way because she put the two of them together, so she validated them as a pop culture curiosity without quite giving Kim Kardashian validation as a fashion person on her own.

 YS: Now Kimye show up to Paris Fashion Week like royalty, swanning around.

TA: They really did hijack the runway [this season.] Derek Blasberg tweeted that he was at a show where Kendall was on the runway, Kim and Kanye were in the front row, and Kanye was on the soundtrack. But I think a lot of designers might not invite them back because it upstaged the shows. It was ridiculous. I remember when Paris Hilton caused a lot of noise, in her hey day, when she was coming to the shows. People went crazy. And eventually she was kind of on the ‘do not invite’ list because it was such mayhem. People get very curious about [certain celebrities] but then they eventually do move on.

YS: What does a designer get out of having a celebrity in their front row? Does it really make an impact?

TA: It’s become so common to have stars in the front row that if you go to a show [as a journalist] and nobody’s there, the first thing you think is ‘This show is not that important. There’s not even a Real Housewife or some TV anchor here.’ But conversely, you go to a Michael Kors show and you see Gwyneth Paltrow and Catherine Zeta-Jones and all of those people, you think, ‘This is a hot show.’ It’s a marketing tool and it affects your mood going in. But now a designer almost can’t not invite celebs, because it starts to look like something is amiss.

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