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How to remove fistula naturally


How to remove fistula naturally

How to remove fistula naturally

Cure For Posterior Fistula

It is natural that sometimes there happens a minor hole near your rectum that does not closes soon and recovers back ; there is needed natural treatment for that.

I have been procrastinating writing this article on cure for posterior fistula. From my research in the internet, apparently there is no oral cure for posterior fistula, except surgery. I procrastinated because I didn’t think anyone would believe me, that there is a simple oral cure for this problem. What I am going to describe is from my personal experience; how I cured myself of this problem by using a very simple oral method. Yes, there is a cure without surgery, if you are as lucky as me. At least this worked for me. As for you, I don’t know.
What Is Posterior Fistula?

A posterior fistula originates from one of the anal glands which drain into the anal canal. If the outlet of these glands becomes blocked, an abscess can develop on the skin surface near the anus. A posterior fistula is the small channel that develops between the end of the anal canal and the skin around the anus. On the surface of the skin around the anus, one or more of the fistula ends may appear as minute holes . The area around these holes will appear swollen. A posterior fistula usually develops after an anal abscess bursts, usually with pus. A posterior fistula is painful and may cause bleeding and discharge, especially when passing stools. In my case every step I took, caused pain around the anus.

How I Cured My Posterior Fistula

As far as I know, the only medical method to cure posterior fistula is by surgery. But the risk of recurrence is about 20%. And in my case, after surgery it resurfaced.

What I am going to share with you now was my personal experience in my treatment for posterior fistula. The only assurance I can give you is that this is a true account of my own experience. Whether it will work for others, I don’t know. I don’t know any scientific or medical explanation for my success. What I am sure is that this simple method cured my problem. Anyone can try this method. This I can say; I don’t think there is any harm trying, for the ingredients used are just common items.
Curing Posterior Fistula With Ghee And Milk.

When my posterior fistula resurfaced after surgery, my father-in-law took me to this person who purportedly had cured many of such ailment. This person gave me a powdered medication which I was to take only a wee bit twice a day, once first thing in the morning, and again before going to bed. The prescription was to take a tiny bit of this powder, put it on a spoonful of ghee, and swallow it followed by drinking a glass of warm milk. I have forgotten the duration for this prescription, but after a while the fistula was gone!

Unfortunately, after a prolonged period, the fistula again resurfaced. I was desperate to find a cure. I was not able to locate that person who supplied me the medication powder. As if some “intelligence” had led me to think. Could it be that the powder was just a placebo? As I only put in a tiny bit, smaller than a small raisin. Maybe the ghee was the real substance that cured my fistula!

I decided to give it a try. I followed the same instruction, only this time without the powder. I have forgotten how long I followed the prescription. The swollen area subsided, and after a period I could feel a small hardened pea-sized protrusion at the tip of the fistula. Then one day I tried to squeeze it out like squeezing out a “black-head” from one’s face. To my surprise, it came out. And ever since that day I did not have any recurrent. Well, believe it or not; it’s up to you.

On the premise that if it worked for me, it should work for at least another person. Even if only one person gets cured by following my method, I will be happy that I made the right decision to share this information in the internet.

The Method That Cured My Posterior Fistula

Follow the two simple steps below twice a day, first thing in the morning and the second time before going to bed at night. As I said, I have forgotten for how long I took the prescription. So as a rule of thumb, do it for 2 weeks or until the jar of ghee is finished, whichever comes first. You just need to get a jar of ghee about 250gm or 9 oz.

Step 1. Scoop a tablespoon of ghee and swallow it with a little milk.

Step 2. Then finish drinking the glass of warm milk.
Latest : My Recent Encounter With Posterior Fistula, Again

This article was written on 22 August, 2011. Today, 17 November, 2012, I am here again to share my latest encounter with the dreaded posterior fistula. The first encounter that I described above was almost 40 years ago! I thought I was safe forever from this posterior fistula problem. But hold on. Many months ago I did feel a bit worried when I suddenly felt a similar pea-size protrusion inside my posterior. Since it did not give me any problem, I just ignored it.

Then about two weeks ago, I panicked! The protrusion seemed to have shifted and causing discomfort around my posterior. What did I do then? You guess right! I started the ghee and milk treatment. That was the time I updated the photos on the right. The photos show the 150-gm. can of ghee, the glass of milk and the amount of ghee that I took each time. I bought the milk from a supermarket, and it stated as “fresh milk” as shown in the picture on the right.

As an experiment, for the first week, I took the ghee and milk in the morning after a very light breakfast. The second week, I took it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The second dose was taken just before I went to sleep at night. The 150-gm. can of ghee lasted one week. I completed the two-week treatment using 2 cans of ghee. This morning I took the last tablespoon of ghee, and now I am a happy man again!!

On the first few days, I could feel that the discomfort around my posterior had subsided. It was plain sailing after that. There is still a trace of the protrusion, but since it is not bothering me anymore, I considered it settled. I know this protrusion is not a relapse because my earlier problem was on the right side, while the present “intruder” is on the left side. Whether this is posterior fistula or not, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that it causes pain and discomfort. And the mission is to treat it, so that there is no more pain and discomfort.

As a measure of prudence, I will repeat the ghee and milk treatment once in every two months from now on. Hope with this successful second treatment, you readers may have more confidence in my “magic” treatment for posterior fistula. Please do not ask me any technical question as to why or how this ghee and milk treatment is effective. I honestly don’t know. One thing I know for sure, 100% sure, is that this treatment successfully solved my problem twice, even after a lapse of 40 years!

I Cannot Give Any Expert Advice

Readers have occasionally asked me for specific advice on the treatment. I may be able to share my experience, but I am sorry I don’t think I have the authority or expertise to provide any better advice than what I have written. So, if I don’t respond to your question, it means that I don’t know the answer. This is better than to give you wrong information or advice. I hope readers will understand my position here. I am just sharing my positive experience and hope some of you may also have the good fortune to get cured just like me.

I wish you well.

Comments, Opinions And Answers By Readers

The comment section for this article is becoming a very long list with comments, opinions and answers by readers. Please note that all these comments are the personal opinions of the readers. I allow and welcome comments in the spirit of fair play and communication, hoping that these comments will be beneficial to all who are seeking a cure for their health problems. Therefore, in good faith, please be sincere and honest in your comments.

This is also to remind readers that I personally do not endorse the comments as I do not know the”commentors” nor the authenticity of their information.

Positive Results From Readers (Up To Date)

There are over 500 comments as at December 2014. To make your search easier and faster, i have “copied & pasted” the positive comments below.

Comment on 2 March 2012 :


I have been melting the ghee in warm milk for the last week following your instructions. After the first 3 days the fistula swelling and drainage has stopped! Thanks so much for this info.



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