Heist season 1 summary and reviews


Money Heist season 1 summary and reviews


“Heist” is a documentary series on Netflix that explores some of the most audacious and infamous heists in modern history. The series takes an in-depth look at the planning, execution, and aftermath of various heists, featuring interviews with the people involved, including the criminals themselves. As of my last update in September 2021, “Heist” had released its first season, consisting of six episodes, each focusing on a different heist.

Here’s a summary of each episode from Season 1:

  1. Episode 1: “Sex Magick Money Murder” This episode covers the story of Heather Tallchief, who stole $3 million from an armored truck in Las Vegas in 1993. She disappeared for 12 years but eventually turned herself in.
  2. Episode 2: “The Money Plane” The episode delves into the story of a group of thieves who hijacked a plane carrying millions of dollars in cash. The heist took place in 1971 and became known as the D.B. Cooper case.
  3. Episode 3: “The Bourbon King” This episode focuses on the theft of rare and valuable bourbon whiskey from a Kentucky distillery. The heist was carried out by a group of insiders who managed to make off with a significant amount of high-end bourbon.
  4. Episode 4: “The Sex Tape” In this episode, the series explores the case of a thief who stole explicit tapes of a well-known celebrity couple. The thief attempted to extort money from the couple in exchange for not releasing the tapes.
  5. Episode 5: “The Silk Road” The episode covers the story of Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind the dark web marketplace known as the Silk Road. The marketplace facilitated illegal activities and transactions using cryptocurrencies.
  6. Episode 6: “The Money Printing Gangster” The final episode tells the story of a counterfeiter named Angel DiPietro, who produced millions of dollars in fake currency and managed to avoid capture for a long time.

Please note that my information is based on what was known up until September 2021, and there may have been developments or additional episodes released since then.

As for reviews, “Heist” received mixed to positive feedback from viewers and critics. Some praised the series for its intriguing storytelling and the in-depth exploration of real-life heists, while others felt that certain aspects were dramatized for entertainment purposes. It’s worth checking more recent sources for the latest reviews and feedback on the series.