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Fat burning by bipasha basu


Fat burning by bipasha basu

Fat burning by bipasha basu

Quick Fix Cardio Burst Routine – Fat Burning Exercise – Bipasha Basu Love Yourself



Fat burning by bipasha basu | Watch Bipasha Basu do a two step work out session which is focused but also fun. She focuses on specific parts of the body and blends it with bollywood dancing which make the whole process enjoyable. Loving yourself and pampering yourself has never been an easy task, the dusky diva of Bollywood none other than Bipasha Basu, has made this very simple by introducing us to a repertoire of a fitness regime, called Fit & Fabulous You. In this video Bipasha works out in two parts namily Step 1 and Step 2. Step 1 is more of warming exercises and Step 2 is more of Bollywood dancing which is fun and also result oriented. 

Do watch the playlist and play your favorite workout videos. Live Happy & Healthy Everyday!! To Watch More Videos 

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