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Fashion style by demi lovato

Fashion style by demi lovato


Fashion style by demi lovato

Fashion style by demi lovato

Fashion style 2015

Demi Lovato’s Style Evolution Proves She’s All Grown Up

She was a human emoji before anyone knew what an emoji was. At age 15, Demi Lovato was a professionally adorable creature marketed by the Disney machine, all visible wholesomeness and gollygee-ness. Her first job was at age 8 on Barney & Friends. She wound up dating a Jonas brother who was her costar in a Disney TV musical. But right from the start, Lovato was different from the rest of the tween stars to come out of that 2000s boom.

At the American Music Awards in Los Angeles

“I loved this look. I felt really dainty and pretty in it. I was filming my TV show that day and had to get ready for this event, and it was far away. When you go to an award show and there’s a red carpet, there are always cameras when you get out of the car. That’s the hard part—you can’t do anything about the wrinkles.”

At the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Westwood, California

“I loved it. I felt like a gold-bronze princess.”

At the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Westwood, California

“I loved it. I felt like a gold-bronze princess.”

At the Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood

“This was probably one of my favorite red-carpet looks. I love gold, and I miss having long dark hair.”

At a Padres Contra el Cáncer event in Hollywood

“This was the [ struggles to pronounce it properly] Padres Contra el Cáncer’s twenty-fifth anniversary gala. You could make it sound like I knew how to pronounce that. Like, ‘She’s so good at speaking Spanish!’ I loved the color of the dress, and it really showcased my butt. I love my butt. The trick is squats with weights. It sounds horrible, but then you see results. When I’m on tour, I work out twice a day. I brought SoulCycle bikes on the road. And then I’d do the concert, and that’s like a full workout, too.”

At the NCLR ALMA Awards in Santa Monica

“I felt very beautiful, very Latina in this one. This was also a good, curvy, tight-fitting dress that I felt like a woman in. And the makeup was on point. I loved it.”

At the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas

“The stylist I had at the time actually didn’t know which way the dress went. Turns out I was wearing it backward! It was kind of funny. The backward dress: Fail. I liked the deep plunge because I’d never done anything like that before. I had so many extensions. They looked like two long pigtails.”


At the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, California

“I felt very powerful in this outfit. That’s not my hair, obviously. The ponytail holder was actually this long [ holds her hands about eight inches apart], because I had blonde and blue hair, and I wanted it all blonde for the look, so we had to hide like ten pounds of extensions in the ponytail holder.”


At the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas

“I had platinum-blonde hair almost, but the longer parts were the extensions. I had really dark, thick brows. If I was a little bit tanner, and if my brows weren’t so crazy, I would have liked it better. And I didn’t love the bangs with it.”


At a Television Critics Association event in West Hollywood

“I love leather pants and blazers. That’s kind of like my go-to look.”


At a 104.3 MYFM event
in Hollywood

“I had my nails match my hair. It was like brown going into purple, going into silver. I was actually wearing my own clothes. I didn’t have a stylist—I had my suitcase.”
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