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Body and Abs workout


Body and Abs workout

Body and Abs workout

HIT for Holidays: 12 Minute Upper Body & Abs


Are you ready to burn fat and get a great workout in only 12 minutes?? Did you even know that was possible? Prepare to work hard and get sweaty using only your own body weight to train your arms, back, chest, shoulders and ABS in a very short amount of time. No fancy gym equipment and no excuses required. 

6 exercises, 30 seconds each x 3 (1 minute rest in between)

Setting the Runtastic Timer App
Prepare- 1 min
Workout- 30 sec
Rest- 5 sec
Reps- 3
Sets- 6

2-2-2 push ups
Triceps dip
Straight leg bicycle crunches

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